Hi, I'm Christina, the owner and metalsmith behind Snakes & Sinners.
I’ve always loved making things and lived my life with a DIY ethos but when I found metalsmithing, a fire was ignited inside of me like nothing before. It's as though my hands finally found what they'd been searching for all along. Every minute of the day that I’m not spending quality time with my littles is me trying to get my ass back to that bench. Hours can go by while I’m working on jewelry and it feels like minutes. I love every second of the pain staking process.

My creations are inspired by things I love and the counter cultures that surrounded me growing up in Texas. The irreverent attitudes and styles of strong and creative women in punk bands, motorcycle culture, cowboy culture and the rich heritage of my Mexican ancestors. There’s not a cell in my body that isn’t sure I’ll be doing this in some form for the rest of my life. Every piece I make is infused with the passion I have coursing through my veins and I’m endlessly grateful to be able to share this craft I adore so much.

The concept for my work is to create an ethical brand that promotes self expression and individuality. I am a passionate person who loves connecting the powerful symbols around me, interpreting iconography through my own perspective and providing a quality product which translates that.